What is Simsari?
Simsari is an enterprise, authenticated and trusted Multiple Listing Service (MLS) portal that regulates real estate brokers and enables them to establish contractual offers. Simsari initiated by Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and developed by Emirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES) as a response to the growing demand for a trusted and regulated MLS in the real estate market. Through Simsari, buyer brokers can search for property listings, where they can find their perfect match properties and secure them instantly through Simsari's brokerage network. As well, seller brokers can list their properties and complete the transactions themselves. This revolution in smart real estate transactions is available only through Simsari. Simsari establishes full transparency between brokers, fully integrates sale contracts into a legal framework and opens up the possibility of being able to revise these contracts seamlessly in the event of disputes. It also performs multiple validation processes to ensure the integrity of the data listed.
Key features
  • Listing Management
  • Contract Management
  • User Registration
  • Account Management
  • Property Management Inventory
  • Integrates with various brokers property management systems
  • Uses validated properties data to ensure the integrity of the data listed
  • Sends automated email notifications to all users
  • Generates a unique MLS Number for each listed property
  • Eliminates freelance brokers