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Dubai Real Estate Market (Simsari) is an online portal; specially designed for real estate professionals to list their properties for sale and rent in Dubai. The new system provides public with number of e-services allowing them to search for properties listed for sale or rent, communicate with landlords, brokers and management companies and also complete sale transactions online without the need for multiple visits to Dubai Land Department.

Listing a property for sale can be done through two channels: Direct Sale or eAuction. Direct Sale allows interested investors to either book a property for certain period of time or start negotiating on the final price. eAuction will help owners to attract the maximum number of interested investors during the marketing period and then start bidding on the property to win the best deal in the market.

Listing a property for rent on Simsari will be done through Ejari system providing owners and management companies an extremely convenient way to promote for their vacant properties, giving the opportunity for millions of people to reach their properties from all over Dubai.

Simsari acts as a trusted single point of access to properties information for owners, brokers, developers, investors and management companies. It also allows users to interact directly with the portal and other users through sale and rent channels. All interaction channels operate under a set of laws and regulations enforced by Dubai Land Department (DLD).

All financial transactions will be processed through the e-payment gateway (Noqodi), providing users with a safe and secure channel to complete their transactions online. Investors have the option to use their credit cards or bank transfer from any of the banks around the world to the partnered banks with the payment gateway (Noqodi).

Key features

  • Acts a trusted and secured communication channel for property owners, developers, brokers, investors and management companies
  • Uses validated properties information to ensure the integrity of the listed properties
  • Offers multiple channels for listing properties for sale to promote investment opportunities and attract highest number of local and foreign investors


The following e-Services are offered though Simsari:

  • Selling/Buying a property through eAuction
  • Selling/Buying a property though Direct Sale (Negotiable or Non-negotiable Price)
  • Listing a property for Rent from Ejari system


The following procedures summarize the steps that users will go through to finalize a deal on Simsari: Selling a property on Simsari

  • Register as a Seller (can be an owner, owner representative, broker or developer)
  • List your property on eAuction (submit eAuction request)
  • List your property on Direct Sale (submit Direct Sale request)

Buying a property listed on Simsari

  • Register as a Investor
  • Buy a property listed on eAuction
    • Register in the payment gateway “Noqodi” (to pay for bidding security deposit)
    • Participate in Auction (submit a bidding request) and pay participation deposit
    • Bid on a property
    • Complete payment
  • Buy a property listed on Direct Sale
    • Register in the payment gateway “Noqodi” (to pay for booking deposit)
    • Submit an offer only for negotiable sale and pay booking deposit (remaining amount to be paid if offer is accepted)
    • Book Now and either make full payment or pay booking deposit and complete payment later

Listing a property for Rent from Ejari system

  • Login to Ejari (users are already registered in Ejari)
  • Select a vacant property
  • Enter Listing information
  • Send listing to Simsari
  • Once rented, register tenancy contract in Ejari to delist property from Simsari